Primary Packaging

Primary Packaging

Bradman Lake designs and manufactures modular and scalable Primary Packaging Equipment from stand-alone to fully integrated systems, including machines that use flexible packaging materials such as co-extruded OPP films to meet the most demanding environments and packaging needs. This approach provides end-users with future proof solutions, allowing progression to fully automated systems which minimise initial capital investment whilst maximising asset value. Continuous innovation and development deliver systems combining the highest production rates with unrivaled operation reliability.

Advanced designs that provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance with particular emphasis on hygiene requirements.

Suitable for different industries, such as Bakery Industry, Chilled and Frozen Foods, Chocolate and confectionery, Pharma and Healthcare, and Dry Foods.

We offer a comprehensive range of Product Handling and Packaging Equipment to suit a wide variety of products. Machines are tailor-made to suit customer’s exact requirements.

Primary Packaging Product Handling

With many years of experience in the handling of delicate, sticky, friable and fractious products, we have developed feeding and slicing systems designed to deliver and present your product perfectly to the next stage of the packaging cycle.

Primary Packaging Equipment

Primary packaging equipment and machine systems are designed and manufactured by Bradman Lake as pre-eminent solutions to the most demanding of packaging requirements, from stand-alone to fully integrated horizontal flow wrapping and roll wrapping systems.

Automated slicing and bagging technologies are able to deliver solutions from twist, clip and tape closures to paper fold bagger.


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