Blister packaging HM 30

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Model: Blister packaging HM 30

The HM30 thermoformer is a compact FFS line specially designed to manufacture rigid packaging and their subsequent sterilization according to the requirements of the medical business.


  • Dedicated to the production of short and medium runs.
  • Compact design and content size.
  • Pressure forming that allows the molding of film up to 0.8mm thick with precise molding.
  • Film traction by chain conveyor.
  • Low operating and maintenance cost.
  • PLC operated, touch-screen controlled.
  • Suitable for clean rooms.
  • Guarantees the packaging of medical products in accordance with GMP regulations.
  • Validable in accordance with existing medical regulations.
  • EU safety rules compliance.


The HM30 Medical integrates all the necessary operations for the manufacture of the blister according to the specifications necessary for clean rooms and validable according to specifications. The operations range from the thermoforming of the bubble from a roll, through the loading area, to the operations of sealing, individual punching of each of the figures and ejection of the finished blister.


Dimensions approx. (H x W x D)

2.000 mm x 1.300 mm x 5.700 mm

Estimated weight

2.800 kg

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