Bag Closing System

Bag closing systems

High-performance bag closing systems

up to2000bags per hour


… up to 2000 bags per hour.

The high-performance sewing machine from STATEC BINDER stands for precise and reliable bag sealing of woven PP, paper or PE bags.

Two different variants can be used for sewing the bags. On the one hand there is the straight-line bag infeed, in which the bag is fed to the sewing head by means of a belt drive and then sewn at the upper end. The second variant is the bag edge folding, in which the bag is folded at the upper end when it is pulled in and then sewn. In order to change from one system to the other, it is only necessary to replace a simple device.

The bag to be sewn is fed to the sewing machine via one of the two variants mentioned above. Depending on the sewing speed and performance, the stitch length is between 7 and 12 mm. A cutter at the end cuts the thread. The sewing head is driven by a motor with frequency converter. A big advantage over the drive via belt pulleys is a more precise adjustment of the speed.


At a glance

  • high-performance bag closing systems

  • for woven PP, PE or paper bags

  • fully automatic bag infeed

  • continuously adjustable speed

  • thread breakage monitoring system

  • height-adjustable frame

  • for different sewing heads


There are many reasons for choosing our products.

high speed

high reliability

long lifetime

high flexibility

sturdy and compact design

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