Blister packaging BPC 23

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Model: Blister packaging BPC 23

blister packaging bpc23 muestra
blister pack bpc23 muestra

Automatic line machine suitable for manufacturing face-seal blister, full-sealed blister and full plastic blister.


  • Dedicated to the production of short and medium runs
  • Low operating and maintenance cost.
  • Quick tool set change-over, done by only one operator.
  • PLC operated, touch-screen controlled.
  • Steel-rule die cutter, which avoids misalignment in the cut.
  • Film traction by chain conveyor.
  • Monoblock chassis that does not require assembly at start-up.
  • Optional automatic card feeder.
  • EU safety rules compliance.


The BPC23 integrates all the necessary operations for the manufacture of the blister, from the thermoforming from a plastic roll, through the ​​loading of the product, sealing, individual punching of each of the figures and expulsion of the finished blister.

Automatic line for manufacturing of blister packages either sealed against flat film or cardboard. It is designed to be an entry level in automatic form, fill and sealing lines being the right choice for anyone dealing with short and medium runs of blister packages of any kind.


All machines in the BPC series integrate all operations needed to manufacture a blister package, as forming of the blister, loading of the product and sealing and trimming operations.

Plastic film is fed from a roll into a set of indexing chains that pierce the film and transport it through a contact heater for heating to forming temperature. The heated sheet then indexes into a forming station where parts are formed by vacuum. The loading area allows the manual feeding of the products and the paper insert (if needed). Once products are already placed inside the firmed blisters, sheet moves into a sealing station where the complete working area is sealed against a plain film or a cardboard. Finally, sheet moves into a die-press mounted immediately after the sealing press where individual blisters are punched out.

All relevant operational parameters are controlled via a touch-screen and saved inside the built-in PLC.


  • Sturdy construction, designed from scratch.
  • Low cost operation, extremely low mechanical maintenance.
  • Quick tool set change-over.
  • PLC operated, touch-screen controlled.
  • EU safety rules compliance.

Technical specifications

Forming film roll diameter (max.) 400 mm
Forming film thickness (max.) 0,5 mm
Forming film width (max.) 350 mm
Forming film width (min.) 180 mm
Forming area (max.) 310 x 210 mm
Forming area (min.) 150 x 100 mm
Forming depth below film line (max.) 60 mm
Vacuum pump flow 21 m3/h
Heating power 4.8 kW
Sealing film roll diameter (max.) 300 mm
Sealing film thickness (max.) 0,15 mm
Loading area length 1000 mm
Loading area height 950 mm
Sealing force 950 Kg
Die-cutting force 10.000 Kg
Cycle speed (dry conditions) 12 cycles/min
Total installed power 13 kW
Total air consumption (at 12 cycles) 34 m3/h
Power supply 400V + T + N, 50 Hz


Height 1.500 mm
Width 880 mm
Length 5.500 mm
Estimated Weight 1.400 Kg

Optional elements

  • Heating plate to heat steel-rule die cutter
  • Automatic card feeder

Ver Video da BPC23 no youtube:

Hamer BPC23 Blisterpack machine

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