What is a blister?

A blister is type of packaging done in thermoformed clear plastic that is mostly used in the marketing of small consumer products. Its use has spread since the blister pack is relatively cheap and permits the stored product to be viewed, providing extra quality check.

Why use a blister?

  • Provides good protection to the product.
  • Inviolable
  • Adds value to the product thanks to its presentation.
  • Allows, depending on the design, be hung easily, stand on a shelf, or both.

Blister types

  • Face-seal blister. Reduces plastic consumption. Suitable for small lightweight products.
  • Full-sealed blister, which improves product protection and improved blister image.
  • Trapped blister, which adds value to the product by improving its presentation, facilitates selective recycling and adds extra protection to the blister.
  • Full plastic blister, which offers a good protection and improves the image adding value to the product.
  • Blister to blister, which offers the best protection to the product and supports product of greater weight.
  • Clamshell, non-sealed thermoformed pack, whose lids closes against each other and can be used as a case.


A blister-pack is a relatively non-expensive package done in clear plastic foil which is thermoformed to match the shape of the product inside.  This form of package is widely used for consumer products of small dimensions because allows to show the product inside while protecting it.
Blister-packs for consumer goods.
The most usual blister pack is made of a formed shell sealed on a cardboard by means of a temperature sealing process. Shell is formed to best match the shape of the product, so it remains trapped inside.
For heavy products a full-made plastic blister pack is advised. This form of blister-pack is also used for high-value products since makes tampering more difficult.  It consists in a formed shell sealed against a plain clear film either by temperature or high frequency, depending on material welding capabilities.In high frequency welding, plastic foils are heated when subjected to the action of a high frequency electric field until melting point is reached while pressing them.

These blister-packs are designed in a fashion to make them deliberately difficult to open and therefore eliminating any possibility of tampering with the product inside.

There are other kinds of blister-packs among them we should mention clamshell packs. These are designed either to be hanged or to stand on their own foots. The main advantage of these packages is product inside is clearly visible from both front and rear sides.

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