Hamer Packaging Techology

HAMER Packaging TechnologyHAMER Packaging Technology has been designing and manufacturing packaging machines in plastic business for more than 30 years. Today, we are a well-known company in the international arena.

HAMER manufactures a comprehensive range of roll-fed vacuum thermoforming machines for the production of dispensable plastic packages and automatic form, fill and sealing lines for blister packaging. On the top of that, HAMER has become a consultation and a service center in packaging.

Our technical resources, our expertise and our attention to the information coming from the packaging industry allow us enough technical background to be ableto give the right advice when it comes to design the most suitable package for our customer’s products.

HAMER owns its own tooling department which takes care of all steps needed in tooling production: from tool CAD design to tool manufacturing in our own milling machines.

In short, we are able to give advice on package design; we can make a technical proposal on the best equipment to manufacture your package and we can also deliver the tooling which will best match our equipment to optimize output and allow the right pay-back timing.

HAMER designs and manufactures their equipment in our 1000 square meters facilities in La Granada, located about 30 km south direction from Barcelona (Spain).



“A new technology in paperpulp which is going to boost packaging industry”When was Hamer created?

HAMER is basically a family-owned company which was founded early in the 80s by Hans Schiess and Mercedes Bistué. Nowadays, HAMER is managed by the second generation of the family, Karine and Albert Schiess.

What is the structure of the company?

There are 24 full time employees at HAMER. A large number of external partners and long-time suppliers should to be added. We are basically focused on international market.

What are you offering?

We design and manufacture equipment for the packaging industry. We are active in two main areas: form, fill and sealing lines for blister packaging and roll-fed thermoforming lines for disposable plastic packaging. Blister lines are addressed to contract packers mainly while thermoforming machines we are targeting food packaging, packaging for electronic goods and companies operating in the automotive business.

How would you define the philosophy of the company?

We are really committed with our customers. The initial technical approach is essential to find out what are the costumer’s needs. This step is quickly followed by customized proposal. We have our own R&D department with 7 engineers.

It is possible to offer something new in packaging?

Yes it is. In fact we developed a new technology which is going to have a large impact in packaging business. This is a proprietary design done with the support of a loan given to us by CDTI (Spanish public institution which supports R&D projects).

What is all about?

About three years ago we started to develop a machine able to manufacture packages from 100% paper pulp material which can be totally recycled with no impact on environment.

Which are the advantages of this technology?

Paperpulp made packages are absolutely biodegradable. They are made from natural resources (mainly wood but also sugar cane and others). They are really sustainable when compared to the plastic made packages with depend from limited resources as petrol.

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