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HAMER is a European company founded in 1980 by the Schiess family of Swiss origin. It is currently run by the second

generation together with a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing solutions to your packaging needs.

In our facilities, we design and manufacture equipment for the packaging market, especially thermoforming machines

for the production of single-use plastic packaging, as well as automatic and semi-automatic lines for the production of

blister packs.

Our R & D & I capability distinguishes us and allows us to incorporate new solutions based on 4.0 technology, such as

remote equipment management, or innovation in new materials such as cellulose pulp.

How we work

Our commitment is to solve the problems of our customers, that is why we offer tailor-made solutions, that suit your needs.

We achieve a high level of reliability as we integrate the entire process in our facilities, from the design by our technical

team to manufacturing in the production department.

We are able to propose the design you need, advise you on the selection of the most suitable solution, we will manufacture

the mould that optimizes the performance and we will carry out the commissioning and starting up, guaranteeing the

control of the whole process.

During the life of the equipment we will accompany you giving the necessary technical support at all times to ensure the

correct operation.

Why Hamer?

More than 35 years in the market, we give you the experience that guarantees solutions.

Thanks to our Swiss origins we maintain high standards of innovation and technological development.

Through our multidisciplinary team, we control the process of design, manufacture, commissioning and starting up.

Thermoforming and blister packaging solutions

tailored to your needs

blister packaging

We control every part of the process.

In Hamer we design and manufacture machinery for the blister packaging and thermoformed industry.

We are able to offer solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of our clients because we control every part of the

manufacturing process: from design to set up. Our technical team is responsible for the design and they control

every stage of production in our facilities. Once production is complete, we also carry out the commissioning and

starting up of the equipment.




Envasadora blíster HC63


Envasadora blíster bpc23


Envasadora blíster BPC25H BPC35H


blister packaging TS50

What is a blister?

A blister is type of packaging done in thermoformed clear plastic that is mostly used in the marketing of small consumer

products. Its use has spread since the blister pack is relatively cheap and permits the stored product to be viewed,

providing extra quality check.

Why use a blister?

  • Provides good protection to the product.
  • Inviolable
  • Adds value to the product thanks to its presentation.
  • Allows, depending on the design, be hung easily, stand on a shelf, or both.

Blister types

  • Face-seal blister. Reduces plastic consumption. Suitable for small lightweight products.
  • Full-sealed blister, which improves product protection and improved blister image.
  • Trapped blister, which adds value to the product by improving its presentation, facilitates selective
  • recyclingand adds extra protection to the blister.
  • Full plastic blister, which offers a good protection and improves the image adding value to the product.
  • Blister to blister, which offers the best protection to the product and supports product of greater weight.
  • Clamshell, non-sealed thermoformed pack, whose lids closes against each other and can be used as a case.

retail blister packaging

retail blister packaging

retail blister packaging




Máquina termoformadora TVP64 TVP67


Máquina termoformadora TVP35


Máquina termoformadora FV35R portada

What is Thermoforming?

Thermoforming is a process of transformation of a plain plastic foil in a three-dimensional shape through the application of heat, vacuum and air pressure.

It is an inexpensive method that allows the production of single-use plastic parts with a wide variety of uses. For example, the packaging of a product or auxiliary carrying supports such as trays used in industrial production.

Why use Thermoforming?

  • The cost for machinery and technology is minimum so Thermoforming is cost-effective in high and low productions.
  • You can use various materials, PET, PVC, PC, PS, PP, etc.
  • May replace the injection technique for a certain type of parts.
  • The moulds are economic, compared with other technologies.
  • Production times are short.
  • Is ideal for the manufacture of single-use packaging.
  • It is a suitable process for the manufacture of prototypes.

In which applications can be used?

  • Trays for transporting parts in industrial applications.
  • Support trays for the horticultural industry.
  • Cases and trays for the food industry.

thermoforming machines

thermoforming machines

thermoforming machines

thermoforming machines

thermoforming machines

thermoforming machines

thermoforming machines




Envasadora blíster BPC25M BPC35M


Envasadora blíster medical HM30


Envasadora blíster HMS 50

What is a medical blister?

The medical blister is a container designed to contain all kinds of health-related devices for subsequent sterilization. Its medical use requires that the safety in its manufacture be maximum.

The medical blister has the following characteristics:

  • High technical requirements.
  • Must allow sterilization process, that’s why is sealed against medical paper.
  • It can help the application (functional blister).

We distinguish between the flexible medical blister of the rigid, more used for the packaging of medical devices.

Applications of rigid medical blister

  • Trays for medical devices and rigid blister packs.
  • Medical transport trays.
  • Trays for medical kits.

medical blister machines

medical blister machines



Cellulose pulp packaging

The growing concern for the environment has led us to develop a technology that allows the manufacture of cellulose pulp containers that are completely recyclable and environmentally friendly.

This technological development means that we can offer our customers a viable alternative to traditional plastic packaging for their products.

The particular feature of this technology is the way in which the cellulose pulp is dried through a combination of pressure and temperature. This allows the creation of smooth shape packages with well-defined contours that adapt to the dimensions and shape of the product they contain, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications and uses.

We have developed our own technology for the lamination of pulp trays with a thin plastic film for gastronomic applications.

Why use cellulose pulp containers?

  • The packaging can be adapted to the needs of the client.
  • It is an environmentally friendly process, either in the extraction of the raw material, or by its subsequent recycling.
  • It is biodegradable and 100% compostable.
  • As it has no electrostatic charge, it protects products that are affected by it.
  • It gives both the product and the brand an image of commitment to sustainability.

Applications of cellulose packaging

  • Cellulose pulp tray, because it is breathable, allows the packaging of fruit and vegetable products.
  • Laminated pulp tray is very useful for packaging fresh products under a modified atmosphere.

Ecological packaging



Hamer designs and manufactures moulds and tooling sets for production equipment of containers and packaging.

We apply our knowledge to conceive and design the tooling, although we can also import designs to our system

of CAD files supplied by the client.

We have several CNC machining centers, we work materials such as aluminum, steel or technical polymers for the

manufacture of moulds. We take care of critical aspects such as refrigeration and vacuum circuits that will allow the

proper control of the moulding process.
The final assembly and finishing of the moulds is done in our facilities, working the finishes by hand in order to

guarantee a superior finish in the pieces.

packaging machine

HAMER designs and manufactures their equipment in our 1000 square meters facilities in La Granada, located

about 30 km south direction from Barcelona (Spain).


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